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Automatically download all your medical data for access anywhere, anytime.

mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application that automatically gathers health records from your medical providers. It makes health records easy to understand and accessible to the right people at the right time. Your records are stored in highly secure, HIPAA-compliant systems in the cloud, so they are always available when needed, for routine care or emergency needs.

Records you control. 

If you've ever needed your records or those of a loved one in an emergency situation, you know how difficult it can be to obtain them. You should have your records when you need to want them. And with mCharts, you do.

Records you understand.

Have you ever taken a glance at your medical records on paper? It's impossible to understand. With mCharts, your conditions and treatments are all mapped out clearly on a body map and a Facebook-like timeline so you can easily understand the comprehensive picture of your health.

Records from everywhere.

mCharts supports many options for loading your records, including automatic loading from patient portals, upload of any standard medical record, and guided entry of any new data.

Records are always secure.

Patient records are stored securely in the cloud in HIPAA-compliant services, and made available to providers and family members strictly according to patient instructions.

Records for everyone.

If you're responsible for the care of young children or elderly relatives, mCharts makes it easy to manage their healthcare records all in one central location.

An app that saves you money

mCharts saves money on medical costs by linking to health savings and information networks like GoodRx, HealthlinePlus, and other evolving services, which help find cost savings and explain complicated health terminology.

mCharts is available for you to use!


What Our Customers Have to Say...

"This is awesome for serial movers like us! It's always such a headache to gather all these documents from different drs before a move!" 

-Courtney M.

"$5 is comparable to a Pandora account subscription. Seems well worth the value as it is more than just access to music but will help you manage your health." 

-Kelsy S.

"Being able to see all of your records in one place with easy access will make life easier for the patients as well as the doctors and it is just so convenient."  

-Julia C.

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Saves money by linking to prescription medication savings site GoodRx  

female bodymap

Designed for families and caregivers to help manage health of loved ones

tracking conditions

mCharts collects health records from all your medical providers for a comprehensive view of health  

Your health is shown visually on a body map and Facebook-like timeline for better understanding

Provides easy-to-understand explanations of your health conditions 

Saves important documents like insurance cards and shot records for quick access and pictures of evolving conditions to help clinicians understand your condition

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Single User 

Stores health records from any provider  

Body map and Facebook-like timeline  

Convenient medication list  

Photo documentation  

Advertising supported (but we NEVER give health data to advertisers!)  

5 GB Storage

$4.95/Month $49.95/Annual Subscription

Supports 4 Family Members Everything in the Bronze plan, plus: NO ADVERTISING Automatic download of health records Track sleep, fitness, nutrition Cost savings on medications Store insurance card, medical documents Grant temporary access for doctor & fami&y members Charts & repor&s to analyze health trends 20 GB Storage

$9.95/Month $99.95/Annual Subscription

Supports 10 Family Members All the Gold plan, plus: Curated content helps you manage health Imaging storage (X-ray, MRI, etc) Device integration (wireless scale, heart monitor, blood pressure, pulse oximeter, etc) Cardiac charts (EKGs) Apple Health integration Reminders for key healthcare events (physical, flu shot, etc) 3-D models of your children 100 GB STORAGE